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(1) Sales & Profits 
Scan Print Technology                                                              Investors Relations
We have projected in:
FY1: $22,783,200 & Net Profit: $4,953,620
FY2: $28,831,700 & Net Profit: $6,789,618 
FY3: $35,596,700 & Net Profit: $7,778,508
Scan Print Technology, is happy to coordinate all investment related discussions to raise all the funds to be used for plant setup, operations, equipment, marketing and sales.
(2) Return on the original investment 
  • Our projections reflect the return on the original investment in less than 2 years.
  • Exit Strategy Alternatives:
(a) IPO after 2 years; (b) Acquisition; (c) Private ownership with a long horizon of profits. 
(3) The Market 
  • The Growing number of U.S. Gun Ownerships is going to the roof due to recent political shift.
  • Marketing to focus on both closed and opened loop distribution systems.
  • Worldwide markets and licencing opportunities (Internationally Protected patents). 
  • U.S. Govt Agencies and Contractors.
(4) Technology and Process
  • Flexible Production lines to build the product with high yield and quality. 
  • Process based on modular capacity that allows for quick manufacturing expansion.
  • Factory is environmentally "Clean" with no waste stream.
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