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On April 20th 1999, the initial draft of an idea out of a melted heart, due to the tragic Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, has later become a design. And now a manufacturing Company. Scan Print Technology is well pleased to present its unique and patent pending Biometric Safety Trigger Locks for Firearms. An electronic device built-into the gun to only identify the uniquely Fingerprinted and registered owner. Over 5,000 innocents children are accidentally killed every year by guns in U.S alone. Home is the place to have peace and joy with each family member. The gun Industry has been around for centuries, but a reliable and sophisticated safety accessories to prevent any accidental death are in the initial stage or non existent.  

This Invention could be applied to handguns owned privately and/or by those engaged in Police and/or Military tasks. The Inventor, Konan M. Kouakou has assigned all Patent Rights to Scan Print Technology to manufacture and market the product worldwide, in perpetuity. 
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